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The Naked Truth About Fairies official movie poster

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When you’re fairy godmother is a little bit ADD, be careful what you wish for.

Satu is serving probation – as a fairy godmother – for getting wishes very, very wrong. Then she meets Sebastian, and she’s never wanted so much to get a wish right. It will take a little ancient magic, and a lot of dead houseplants, but in the end, they both get what they want.

Filmmaker’s Statement
I started writing The Naked Truth About Fairies one morning after I asked myself what bothered me more than anything. That day it was squandered opportunity combined with being in my forties. The thought of a fairy godmother occurred to me, a means of reliving the past and making better choices. And then I thought, but what if you got a fairy godmother who got her wishes wrong. What if you wished to give up everything to start over, and discovered you’d given up everything and stayed where you were? And it terrified me, so that seemed like a good place to start.

Then, of course, the idea of a fairy who was ADD made me laugh. My dear friend Kat Scicluna, naturally fairy-like and somewhat ADD – although never at work – became the inspiration for the lead character Satu. She also pulled together the cast and crew because I’d never made a narrative film before, and she has worked on many and directed her own.

I have worked as a creative director for 20 years. I have a long history of collaborating with other creative people, and I’ve always been comfortable letting the specialists specialize. The filmmaking community in New York City felt instantly like home. Its members are expert at what they do. They want to collaborate with other artists. They want to see the process have a beginning, middle and end. And afterwards they want to get a drink and enjoy what they just did, whether or not they got paid.

There is nothing I’d rather do than make stories come alive with people like that. 

Dean Temple